Monday, August 13, 2018

a life being lived...

On any given day around here, you may find my kitchen in a state of disarray. Last night's evidence of a wonderful meal, a savored cup of coffee, an almost empty kool-aid pitcher the grands left behind.
I'm always amazed at how this doesn't bother me.

You see, I'm a self proclaimed perfectionist at heart. Let me walk into a room and see a wall hanging off center or slightly crooked and I'll rush over to straighten that thing (your house or mine. lol)! I go bonkers when the pillows on the couch are not where I placed them. I'll spend long periods of time deciding exactly how to arrange those books and potted plant on the table. The clothes in my closet are hanging from light to dark for heaven's sake!!!

So what is it about these dirty dishes??!! What is the deal? I mean, in all honesty, I should not be able to go to bed at night, let alone sleep like a baby!

Well, I have done some soul searching about this and I have discovered the answer.

It's all about perspective. Focus.

For instance, when I look at this picture above I see a life being lived.

Those two coffee cups there on the left... my husband and I had a long leisurely conversation holding those cups. Slow mornings only happen on Saturday around here and we love to spend them together on our front porch as we talk about everything and nothing. It's sacred time.

The almost empty Kool-aid pitcher that I've somehow managed to hold on to since our kids, now 35 & 37, were little. We saved up points or something from Kool-aid packs and got it free. Our grands use it now. :) The same one their Mama used when she was their age.

That mound of miscellaneous dishes in the sink is proof that we had plenty of yummy food and that having fun after the meal/s is way more important than cleaning up. (As you can see, they are still there... waiting. lol)

I would be misleading you if I said it doesn't bother me to wake up to this in the morning. Who doesn't love a squeaky clean kitchen first thing in the morning? I would also be misleading you if I didn't say that somehow I love waking up to this. This sink full of memories I am blessed to pour over as I wash each piece. Thanking Papa for each person, for each plate full of food, for the love and chaos that filled that room the day before. Yes, we are all truly blessed.

I have set the goal to never go to bed with dirty dishes over and over and over... The older I get, the more I see that somehow I must need them there to gently and realistically remind me what is most important. A life being lived.

Papa help me to always see beyond what I see with my physical eye. Help me to always keep the proper perspective, to see beyond the mess, to cherish it for the wonderful life it is.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

the paper and the pen...

A fresh, clean sheet of paper has been, finally, placed in front of me by You, My Dearest and Best Friend. :)
There is no need to fill in it's lines just yet.
For now, it bids me only to revel in it's possibilities, it's hope,
the dreams and plans it will permanently bear.

Somehow a fragrance rises from it?
Clean and fresh - it fell from Your Open Hand.
The reflection of Your smile of blessing is shining on it's surface - white and pure.

Since You created me, and called me, You have known about this paper.
Known the many, many souls that will affected by what will be written upon this
Good and perfect gift placed before me.

The pen waits patiently next to it
filled with just enough ink for my lifetime / vapor. :)
No need to pick it up
Papa will place it in my open hand at just the perfect time.
He will even tell me what to write.

To simply, yet deeply, gaze upon it and breath in it's fragrance
is enough for this moment in time,
This almost euphoric moment in time...

Thursday, May 10, 2018

when you turn 50 something...

The more I live the less I know but these things I do know...

Papa has a great big plan for my great big life. 

Jesus Blood is miraculous, life changing and sin cannot be seen or remembered
 once it is applied to the heart of man.

Draw near to Papa and He will draw near to you.

Fear is a liar.

Comparison is a thief.

Perfectionism is a thief.

Don't try to figure things out. Your thoughts are limited, Papa's are not. 

This too shall pass.

When life gives you lemons it's okay to make the 'sour face'. 
Don't let the lemons define you.

Rainy days will come. 
Everything smells so fresh after the rain.

Always say thank you.

Contentment is not having what you want but wanting what you have.

Nothing sounds quite as sweet as 'I love you Mom' from an adult child.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Do not attempt to define 'old'.

The battle is the LORD'S. 
He always wins. Always.

Not one of His precious promises has failed. 
Not one.

Go boldly to the throne of grace and He will give grace to help in time of need.

Don't choke on a gnat nor swallow a camel. 

Others can...
I cannot.

Pray honestly from the inward parts.

Love your husband.

Love your children, your grandchildren.

Love your home. It is your haven from the world.

This world is not my home.

Live modestly.

Dress modestly.

 Jesus loves me. 

Jesus loves you. 

You are the daughter of the Most High God.