Thursday, June 21, 2018

the paper and the pen...

A fresh, clean sheet of paper has been, finally, placed in front of me by You, My Dearest and Best Friend. :)
There is no need to fill in it's lines just yet.
For now, it bids me only to revel in it's possibilities, it's hope,
the dreams and plans it will permanently bear.

Somehow a fragrance rises from it?
Clean and fresh - it fell from Your Open Hand.
The reflection of Your smile of blessing is shining on it's surface - white and pure.

Since You created me, and called me, You have known about this paper.
Known the many, many souls that will affected by what will be written upon this
Good and perfect gift placed before me.

The pen waits patiently next to it
filled with just enough ink for my lifetime / vapor. :)
No need to pick it up
Papa will place it in my open hand at just the perfect time.
He will even tell me what to write.

To simply, yet deeply, gaze upon it and breath in it's fragrance
is enough for this moment in time,
This almost euphoric moment in time...

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