who am i...

 my name is donna sue carr. 
amazingly, i am loved with an everlasting love by God Himself.
(i usually refer to God as 'Papa'.)
all i am or ever hope to be, is in Christ alone.
He alone is worthy...
 i married my high school sweetheart, cliff. 
i am still in love with cliff. he is my best friend.
 i believe Papa created us for each other, 
brought us together and has kept us together for over 37 years.

we have a son, chris.
we have a daughter, elizabeth.
three daughters grand, emma, bella, julianna 
& two sons grand, john 'duke' & jakob
some say i live in the boonies,
i affectionately call my little haven home 'thorn hill'.
there is nowhere on the planet i would rather be than home.
peaceful, cozy... 
sometimes i feel like the breath of Papa is in the breeze that touches my face when i'm home.

i have a front porch, which has become slightly famous for its
friday night 'porch night',
& our 'rarely broken' saturday night 'date night' 
it's the all around place to be if you are at my house.
unless it is absolutely freezing outside, we will find a way to be on the porch.
i am very cautious about the 'stuff' i add into my life.
and because i do strive for excellence (not perfection),
when i get too many irons in the fire, something always, always, always suffers.

a few of the things i love:
a really yummy cup of coffee in a cup that perfectly fits my mood.
i love anything for my home that is old, chippy, tattered and timeworn.
i love old 'lived in long ago' houses.
i'm a planner girl, i love journaling & bible journaling,
i love the online community of wonderful women/friends Papa has given me.
i love the mountains of eastern ky. where my parents grew up.
i love my old gibson guitar that my dad repaired and gave to me as a gift many years ago.
 it has the best sound of any guitar i have ever heard. 
mellow tones that sound like heaven sounds in my mind... :)
i love to hear cliff play the banjo.
i love to hear chris play his 'Miller' mandolin for God. 
his voice is strong yet gentle and
 makes the message of the song he sings go straight to the heart.
i love to hear elizabeth sing with abandon.
 it is haunting, magical, sounds like softened butter.
and then there is the voice of my mom...
 none compares... not even the angels could sound as sweet...
 i am living my dream... (thank you Papa...)

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  1. Donna, I am enjoying getting to know you better through your written words!